Video analytics for POS

Frequency Measurement and Visitor Analysis for Stationary Retail

Your benefits

Compare and optimize store performance by better understanding customer traffic, behavior, and preferences.
Measure the effectiveness of product presentation and in-store marketing campaigns with heatmaps for custom-defined zones in your stores.
Optimize capacity and shift planning for sales personnel adapting shifts and staffing to predicted customer frequency across opening hours.
Fully functional, privacy-compliant analytics with minimal investment and easy setup by just connecting a single fish-eye camera per store to our secure cloud-based SaaS solution.


Core features

  • Customer traffic overview and forecast displaying visits per day or hour for a selected store and period
  • Overview of time spent in store by visitors during the last day, week, and month
  • Heat Map visualizing the frequency and duration of visits to particular zones of a store during a chosen time period
  • Visitor statistics for the user-defined zones

System requirements


Standard ceiling-mounted fish-eye surveillance cameras, providing a network video stream with resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 6 frames per second (or better).

Internet Access

With > 5 Mbit/s upstream bandwidth to assure a stable video stream.

Store Size

A store area of around 100 m2 can be analyzed per connected camera.

Business Model & Licensing

EMPLAYA Video Analytics for POS is being offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Monthly license fees are based on the number of cameras actively connected to the service for analysis of their video streams. Prior procurement and installation of suitable network cameras is assumed and not included with this service.