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Shift Planner

Intelligent planning

EMPLAYA is a two-way solution. Either you take care of shift planning yourself and spread the final plans via the mobile and desktop applications. Or else, you let your employees plan their own shifts while you only supervise and edit them – using the weekly or monthly view, the employee- or shop-based plan. If required, you can become even more productive using automatic, algorithm-based shift planning. Benefit from stable fully staffed teams, planning security using flexible floaters and good teamwork – by giving your employees an intuitive planning tool..

Cross-regional shift planning

  • Keep an overview when planning shifts for different departments or even whole regions
  • Track the influx of customers or staff levels with our data-driven analytical tools and adapt your operational processes accordingly.
  • Enable autonomous shift planning for your employees or use EMPLAYA’s automatic shift planner
EMPLAYA Screen Schichtplaner
EMPLAYA Screen Schichtplaner

Realtime updates for planning adjustments and conflicts

  • Planning adjustments trigger automatic push notifications
  • Qualified suggestions of substitutes to compensate absences
  • Automatic changes to the plan in case of any adjustments

Flexibility due to shift swapping and floaters

  • Employees swap shifts among themselves – you only need to approve
  • Use free floaters for the whole region
  • Set individual rules for deploying floaters
EMPLAYA Screen Schichtplaner
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