EMPLAYA. Always on time.

Icon Prozesse
Process optimisation by KI-based algorithms with EMPLAYA

My algorithms will help you keep up safe operations: With qualified suggestions for substitutions and optimisation based on historical data.

Icon Integration
Integration of your data and systems with EMPLAYA

Get started with the application right away since I seamlessly integrate the system you have in place into all necessary applications via interfaces.

Icon Mobilanwendung
Fully functional mobile application with EMPLAYA

Access all essential EMPLAYA features on desktop and mobile devices and receive push notifications to inform you about any diversion from your plan.

Icon Rechte
Sophisticated allocation of permissions with EMPLAYA

Show me your company structure, and I’ll support you in defining different user roles. According to your standards, I assign necessary permissions and obligations, and I guarantee their application.

Icon Workflow
Optimised workflow with EMPLAYA

High performance algorithms will make you productive and reduce stress for the management. With my help, you can minimize the time needed for administrative procedures while simplifying organisational processes.

Icon Reaktion
Quick reaction times with EMPLAYA

React to changes dynamically and in real-time to avoid bottlenecks before they occur. I am always aware of peak demands, and I react accordingly. I help you reap the benefits of seamless operation.

Icon Anpassung
Customised adjustment to your company with EMPLAYA

Vacation planning, stand-in schemes, or shift scheduling – I help you plan these in accordance with your corporate culture and rules.

Icon Motivation
Improved motivation for staff with EMPLAYA

I motivate your staff by means of supportive help, straightforward navigation, and usability. This is how I involve staff quickly in using the integrated EMPLAYA features on a day to day basis, in a fun way.

Icon Motivation
Direct integration of employee representative with EMPLAYA

Make schedules at the click of your mouse, and present them to employee representatives or the work council – I reduce red tape to a minimum, and you can use the time saved for your core business.

EMPLAYA Screen Vorteile

Support for the whole staff

Click on different buttons and discover advantages for every aspect of company manpower planning.
Icon Schichtplaner
Shift planner

Optimized workflow

Your staff supports you planning the shifts – but you define the rules and decide when and how you approve. If needed, I will even plan the shifts automatically!

Icon Schichtplaner
Vacation planner

Stable processes thanks to smart planning

My EMPLAYA vacation planner gives you an overview of staff available for the shops in your area of responsibility.

Icon Schichtplaner
Sick-Leave Management

Qualified and quick suggestions for replacements

In cases of absences, I recommend substitutes – and I offer a floater feature to ensure the best degree of flexibility.

Icon Schichtplaner
Time Tracking

Easy organisation of all working hours

I show you how and where staff performed work, and for how long. I fill you in on remaining work time and overtime – with possible links to controlling.

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