a well-educated tool for HR management, video customer analysis, employment, and payroll. My strengths are optimization and cost reduction.

HRM Suite Video analytics


EMPLAYA stands for the automation and simplification of various business processes and recurring tasks that are necessary but sometimes hold up day-to-day operations. The EMPLAYA family consists of our modular products HRM Suite, Video Analytics and Payroll Prep. These can be used in conjunction with each other or as standalone applications. Used together, they represent a complete, intelligent system for the organization of your company which complies with all regulations of the GDPR. No matter what your priority is – process optimization, cost reduction, or error reduction – EMPLAYA supports a smooth operation of your business. Our system is suitable for many industries, such as retail outlets (stores, markets, gas stations, etc.), system catering, gyms, and all trades with shift operations, as well as companies that do payroll in-house.


HRM Suite

  • Management of organizational structure and hierarchy
  • Management of working time models incl. vacation policy
  • Digital personnel file
  • Employee time planning and tracking
  • System-supported and partially automated shift planning

Video analytics for POS

  • Video analysis without installation of any dedicated sensors
  • Frequency measurement of visitors
  • Analysis of in-store purchases
  • Optimization of stationary retail store operation

Personalize your EMPLAYA System


HRM Suite

a complex tool optimizing and automating company-wide operations like time tracking, work logging, and shift planning, enabling the users to create the most suitable hierarchy, vacation policy and organization structure.
Complete data source for payroll – usage of tracked/planned time incl. sickness, special vacations, etc.
Source of legal information for the creation / adjustment of vacation policies, benefit systems, etc.

Payroll Prep

great helper for payroll processing, including detailed and clear guidelines within the payroll procedure, using a template-driven import of data and enabling the interaction with the DATEV LODAS system.
Performance evaluation – overview about performance of employees in comparison with their payment information

Video analytics

smart solution to analyze the frequency and behavior of visitors and their in-store purchases, visualizing the data with configurable graphs and heat maps, and providing valuable predictions about the future customer traffic of the store.
Time tracking check
Complete & smart data source for automated shift planning – usage of historical business data for predictions
Data source for optimal organization of the business – opening hours, lunch breaks, number of employees needed per shift etc.